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and smile

It was sunny all week and I didn’t expect that this beautiful weather will stay with us also during the weekend. Especially when on Friday we had the „storm” (storm in Brussels means 5 cm of snow that melts in 30 minutes ;))  I didn’t plan any outfit and I was in hurry so this is the result. The only thing I was sure about is that I want to wear these shoes ;) Holly Molly I love them and I just couldn’t wait for spring.

Cool and warm outfit to run to the shop and back to return my order. I will never order anything from Zara/ asos ect online again … what a disaster and it was not the first time ;) I just kept one shirt but when I was in Zara I chose two new pieces typical I also went to H&M to check two things I was eyeing online and they happend to be nice so I got them. I was checking the new collection in Massimo Dutti as well and I also picked up one shirt ;)

Lesson lerned – no online order from high street brands.

Ps. Do you see the different in my pictures? I love take the photos in sunny day … the quality is sooooooooooo much better. This is a reason why I do not shoot so much when it’s cold. Rain and bad light discuradge me so much!

2Q0B9020 2Q0B9033 2Q0B9039 2Q0B9043
2Q0B9057 2Q0B9062 2Q0B9078 2Q0B9079 2Q0B9081 2Q0B9089 2Q0B9091 2Q0B9106 2Q0B9019 2Q0B9022
2Q0B9037 2Q0B9038 2Q0B9063 2Q0B9064
2Q0B9067 2Q0B9068 2Q0B9070 2Q0B9087


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