black swan



I am blogging from some time now and it is first time when I accidentally lost my pictures. I remember that when I upload them from my camera card I got a notification that I do not have enough space on my computer – what happened then and why i removed them from the card it is a big secret for me. Probably I thught that they are uploaded and I can do it. I was looking for them on my disc station without any positive result – oh well … I guess it must be enough for the blog post … maybe it is even better because normally I add too many pictures. I remember that we took some different angles of the look and so on but maybe these one are the only that I liked and I kept only them … Never mind I really have some many stuff on my plate that this is the last thing that my brain wants to remember …

Here it is, the new look – and I actually cannot believe how black it is. I guess I am grown up now ;p


Jacket – Nelly

Shirt – Bynamesakke

Legins – probaby Zara

Shoes – Uterque

Glassys and bag – Chanel







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