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One of the last looks from Mallorca. It was very convenient to have this content because I really do not like Fall and I didn’t have even time to shoot new pictures. The weather doesn’t help as well. I only have time to tak same pictures during the weekend and very often I do not have a luck – it’s rainning or the light is terrible. Soon I will not have another choice but go out there and make new content but till now I hope it’s ok :)

Winter is coming and this is the season that I really like. I will start soon this year to enjoy it even more. Christmas play list is already ready for the 1 of December. On the 6th we have the party at work and from then I will wait for the Christmas time with my family. Oh ho hoho :)


Shirt: bynamesake

skirt: &other stories

shoes: hermes

2Q0B9838 2Q0B9836


2Q0B9829 2Q0B9830 2Q0B9831 2Q0B9839 2Q0B9841
2Q0B9845 2Q0B9847 2Q0B9851

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