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If you following me on m Instagram and looking what I am up to on my InstaStory you know why I desperately (seriously desperately!) need a big (huge) bag.

I carry sooooo many things with me every day to work:

1. coffee (I love my and only mine caramel coffee) 2. Lunch / snacks / chocolate / sometimes even dinner 3. juice /wather 4. books, notebook, pens, markers 5. umbrella and so much more that when I pass the security control in my building I feel most of the time crazy embarrassed repeating myself that I am eating a lot and I have classes after work :P

Thanks God everyone are so nice and understanding that it just gives us the opportunity to chat and lough at the morning. And this is the only time when I lough because of the size of my bag (very often three bags that I carry with me). When it’s raining and I am trying to survive walking with all these stuff or when my back hurts me because I am holding my bag on the crook of my arm. I will never ever buy the bag which you need to hold that way (except Kelly or Birkin some day nevertheless soon :P). When I am coming back home after long day at 21:30 I just want to threw these things away.

But seriously I am thing to buy a big bag which I can hold on my arm and fit the book all the things I need for classes and maybe coffee inside.

Some of the options I consider you may find below. Of course the one I like the most is the most expensive :/ as always … Can you guess which one?

1. Saint Laurent – too similar to the Chanel bag


2. Celine – I tried the small version and I am not sure if I like it. The leather is very weird.


3. I saw the biggest size and I felt in love. The only one available in the shop unfortunately was the burgundy color. I love the shape, design, brand but it doesn’t have a zip – as far as I checked …


4. Saint Laurent – I am not sure if I like it.


5. Sain5 Laurent – didn’t steal my heart completely



6. Mansur Gavriel – I would buy it a year ago if they make it with silver hardwear – I still cannot understand why all designers use gold :( I know that if I buy it I will eventually stop using it because of this gold.

IMG_6915 IMG_6916


7. Saint Laurent – I like the shape but the only one they are making with the silver hard wear is in this crocodile inspired print and I am not sure about it.


 8. Celine Trapeze – I love this bag and last year I almost bought it – the only thing I am scared of is that the leather is too thin and it will eventually loose its shape. I googled some pictures and I do not know if they improved the material or the one I saw where not original. I am also afraid that I will get bored of this bag because it is some time already on the market. But it is possible to wear it on the arm and it looks nice.

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