some day we will find what we are looking for


or maybe not … maybe we will find something much grater than that

I felt in love with this dress when I saw Self-Portrait fashion show. Then I saw it again in the shop in Amsterdam – I tried and I couldn’t stop think about it :) but the price was to high and I couldn’t explain this buy. I was thinking (intensively ;))) – if I only have some party or family event to justify this expense but nothing came to my mind ;p

But when I saw it on sale – I was like – here is the sign and we are just meantt to be together :)

Here it is my white perfect dress. Oh I love it so much!!!


Dress: Self – Portrait

Shoes: Hermes


2Q0B9179 2Q0B9182 2Q0B9215 2Q0B9234 2Q0B9235
2Q0B9270 2Q0B9050 2Q0B9051 2Q0B9055 2Q0B9089 2Q0B9097 2Q0B9110

2Q0B9122 2Q0B9141 2Q0B9161 2Q0B9204 2Q0B9208 2Q0B9209_1 2Q0B9213 2Q0B9228 2Q0B9233 2Q0B9236 2Q0B9245 2Q0B9249 2Q0B9250 2Q0B9266 2Q0B9142 2Q0B9147
2Q0B9224 2Q0B9226 2Q0B9251

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