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Aagain pictures from Mallorca … I still have so many … I quite miss this calm mornings with planning a new adventures, slow breakfast, long walks after dinner at the beach. But I am also happy to be back in the city. Despite of lack of time I am extremely happy to have my French and Italian classes again … I am going to work before 8 am and I am at home around 9:30 pm and I am  super alive in my heart (but super tired in my body;))

You saw the video of this evening on my instastory now time for pictures.

I hope you like them ;*


dress: bynamesakke

Shoes: Valentino rockstuds

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2Q0B9514 2Q0B9547 2Q0B9557 2Q0B9573 2Q0B9577-2 2Q0B9580-2
2Q0B9585-2 2Q0B9586-2

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