when you find the piece you’ve dreamt


whole my life

I am very picky person and I know what I like. The problem is that I very often can not find the perfect piece the one I just created in my head. I am still looking for the perfect T – oversize, with the packet on the chest and oversize style, dress with the V neck and many other things. My mom really needs to teach me how to sew. But this time I was able to find the perfect white pants – I couldn’t believe my eyes. And one more thing … there were on sale … It couldn’t get any better ;)


Shirt: Massimo Duty – sale

Pants – Massimo Dutty – sale !

2Q0B7912 2Q0B7916-2 2Q0B7920 2Q0B7922 2Q0B7923
2Q0B7908 2Q0B79192Q0B7910 2Q0B7918 2Q0B7921 2Q0B7924 2Q0B7925 2Q0B7927 2Q0B7928 2Q0B7934

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