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pictures on my profile

I promised myself to publish at least once a week but I couldn’t do it lately. It is not because I do not have new pictures but I needed a break I guess. Watching movies, relaxing, little travels, family all these things were always more appealing than sitting in front of the desk and choosing the pictures for the next blog post.

But I am really active on my instagram and here some pictures from @fashionruelle.

Instatory and my profile it is something that I update on daily basis :)

… so if I am mia and you are missing my posts you can always follow me there. I even tried selfie and new featured of Instastory – it’s fun! (Hahaha I guess I am really old :p)

I hope I will find my motivation and I will publish new outfits this week.

kiss kiss

IMG_6761 IMG_4645 IMG_6805 IMG_4827 IMG_6860 final IMG_4842
Watermarked Photo

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