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Everyone who ever tried to buy a chanel bag knows it is not an easy task and I am not even talking about the money here. If you want to buy chanel Classic jumbo with silver or gold hardwear, particular shoes or item you may simply not find it. I always thought that you go to the shop and just buy things but I was so naive :P you go and you see what they have :) and they do not have every single item, size, colour from the collection. Surprise, suprise :p And as I am the most picky person on the whole world it wasn’t easy for my. I would like to compare the things, check the size, colour then go home think about the buy one week at least and then ewentually buy the piece. But no, here you should take what you want at the moment you find it, otherwise you may never find it again.

I will tell you the story about my first ever chanel bag – the jumbo when I will finish the clip with unboxing – and believe me – this is a story ;)

This little guy over here was born in Italy. I met him when I was in Rome at the very first day and I had FOUR days to decide if I can stop thinking about him or I want him too much to leave him behind :)

I didn’t expect I will buy my second Chanel bag so soon but after searching my perfect jumbo so long I told myself that if I ever find grey or white chanel buy I will buy it immediately. Thanks God for my budget I found grey Woc not bigger size bag :P I was thinking about buying this bag for FOUR days in Rome and finally at the last evening I decided to go for it. I was sure that I will never find it again.

I always wanted to have Classic chanel Bug with silver details. Little Woc was also on my list – this bag is incredibly handy and practical for many occasions. I have one more bag on my list – hopefully I will find it one day (please not too soon ;)) you will know for sure when it happen.

Bag details:

caviar leather – the most practical leather – I always thought that I prefere lamp skin leather till I saw it in real life – it is already scratched even in the shop

Colour – light grey / silver

chain: dark grey/ almost black

length: 19 cm

high: 12 cm

depth: 4 cm




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