unfortunately only Β on my coat

Normally, I wear this coat and hoodieΒ when I travel. I am always freezing in the airport and airplane no matter what.

I love this combo so much that I decided to wear it in more “sophisticated” way.

Mixing high heels and sporty clothes or feminine and masculine clothes is something that I really like to do.


2Q0B6278 2Q0B6279 2Q0B6280
2Q0B6289 2Q0B6290 2Q0B6293 2Q0B6301 2Q0B6305 2Q0B6306 2Q0B6311 2Q0B6313 2Q0B6315 2Q0B6318
2Q0B6348 2Q0B6349 2Q0B6359 2Q0B6365 2Q0B6374 2Q0B6375 2Q0B6376 2Q0B6382 2Q0B6402

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