3 top dream bags



from Chanel

Maybe I will never have a Chanel bag and it is ok, but I really appreciate Coco for the change she made in fashion industry.

I really like visitingΒ from time to time chezΒ Chanel and look at the beautiful classic bags and I love this magical story of the company behind them.

Three dream bags – all prices you can check at Chanel webpage. I didn’t want to add them here to not scare you too much ;)

If I could choose I would pick the little one like wallet on chain or even better SAC a RABAT or the biggest Grand SAC Classic.

All bags from Chanel are investment bags – the price increase every year and if someone (really?) want to sell the bag in the future it keep the price or you can even get more …

So here they are … my top three from Chanel.

















Actually maybe this is the way ;)


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