believe me


or not

Β but this is the second time I amΒ wearing this top and I have it for more than a year now. I constantly cleaning my wardrobe and I discover new things. I want to get rid off some clothes and bags but I just can’t :p I take something and think … hmnΒ it is not so bad after all maybe I should still wear it? ;)

I put this look together in 5 minutes … I had a bad hair day so I decided to just try low bun and it wasn’t that bad as I expected …


Top: fifth the label here

Skirt: C/meo here

Shoes: wonhundred

Bag: Furla

Here you can buy something from my wardrobe


2Q0B1599 2Q0B1602 2Q0B1608 2Q0B1609 2Q0B1612 2Q0B1613 2Q0B1620 2Q0B1622 2Q0B1633 2Q0B1634 2Q0B1641 2Q0B1649 2Q0B1657 2Q0B1605 2Q0B1606-2 2Q0B1616 2Q0B1601 2Q0B1623 2Q0B1604 2Q0B1647 2Q0B1648 2Q0B1658

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