on a bad day


there is always lipstic

I am not a lipstick kinda girl because I have quite small lips and I do not like the feeling on having anything on my lips but after a years of searching I found a perfect combo.

I always admire (yes it is a big word but completely honest) girls who are able to wear aย lipstick all day long and look absolutely beautiful. I always eat it or remove after few minutes ;) You can not believe me but I am a realย tomboy.

I stopped trying to find a perfect lipstick after a few buys. I got the YSL for Christmas and the Mac I bought just because I was just in the neighbourhood ;)

Unfortunately I didn’t like them separentley, Mac makes my lips dry, YSL is so nice but I wasn’t sure about the colour. One day after applying Mac I just add Ssl and voila – I found the perfect combo!

I always createย the most likeable things by chance ;)


Mac: Matte Honey Love

YSL: Rouge Shine 8



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