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I was planning to take these pictures some time now. The weather wasn’t nice last weekend so I needed to postpone it for this Sunday. From the very first moment I discovered this place I knew that I need to come back and take the pictures for Bloglovin Awords.

Last year I missed the competition and I promised myself that next year I will try my luck. Especially when the price is my dream trip to New York.

I love this city I was there just once and I would love to come back – I need to eat a hot-dog from the truck (I’ve never tried it yet), go to the musical (never been there yet) and visit Butcher’s Dother again (it would be funny to fool my Boo that he can eat some meat there ;)).

I was really worried about too many people at the beach and the weather obviously but we woke up really early to get there and the chill morning scared everyone so I was happy that the Sun woke up a bit later … I didn’t need to wait in long line among 5 years old children to get on this awesome swing ;))) (ufff at least that one time in my life I haven’t make fool of myself). After falling over the handlebars ofΒ my bicycle this Friday on the most craved street in Brussels I have enough ofΒ entertaining random people (at least for this week).

When we finishedΒ taking the pictures the Sun was in it’s full beauty (it is not actually good for pictures) and we could enjoy the beautiful day (my poor Boo is sunburned now ;)))

I love this place so much, the wather is not crystal blue, not even transparent and extremely cold, but the air is so fresh – it feels like you smell some brise refresher.

When the Sun comes out the beach was full of people everywhere so thank you so much my yellow friend for scare them a bit at the morning :) Without your help and massive crowd around us it would not be possible to have fun while taking the pictures.

Whole playground for us!



Jumpsuit dress: Zara

Hat: H&M

Sweater: H&M

Shoes: One Teaspoon



2Q0B0038 2Q0B0028 2Q0B0058 2Q0B00782Q0B0026



2Q0B0095 2Q0B0108 2Q0B01332Q0B02162Q0B0115 2Q0B01282Q0B0140 2Q0B01432Q0B02162Q0B9933







2Q0B0094 2Q0B00872Q0B00662Q0B9972


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