Box of shame


… 10 beauty products You and I should never buy …

I always try to read the reviews first so there are not so many products I do not use, but still …

As you can see I also have my own box of shame.

Here is my top 10 products list you should never spend a penny on:

1. Dior show black out mascara – why? I love the brush, I love the intense colour but if you do not want to loose 2/3 of your lashes you should never buy it! It is almost impossible to wash off this mascara. It is water proof (I always buy water proof mascaras) and the only thing that can help is coconut oil … Ufff never again!

2. Lancome Galatéis Douceur – Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser – I do not like the smell, the consistency, the pump and it doesn’t work. It is extremely hard to clean the face with this cleanser. No, no, no!

3. Lancome Tonique Douceur – it is very average so no! I will never be fully satisfy with average products for this price. So big fat no! ;)

To be completely honest I bought these two because they offered it in big beautiful white cosmetic bag … I knew that there is some hidden catch ;)

At least I have beautiful bag for my cosmetics while I’m on the go :P There was something else in this “promotion” bag (I do not remember what) and I didn’t have any tonic so I gave it a try … even though I was 99% sure that they offer it in the beautiful bag and on sale because it is not good.

If you do not know the product do not buy it when it is on sale!

4. L’oreal age perfect – it is exactly the same as Lancome – nothing special, do not spend money on this!

5. L’oreal triple active comfort tonique – as you can see I really wanted to find a perfect tonic but I’ve never found one.

6. Kera shampoo – color boost –  I bought the cheapest one from the grocery store just because I was out of shampoo and I already ordered on-line my favourite from Karestase – I used it once :)

7. Kerastase elixir ultime – I do not know what to say – I just do not like it. It makes my hair sticky.

8. Nuxe – it is ok if you wear shorts and use this oil only under your knee otherwise you will have your clothes yellow from it.

9. L’oreal professional Shine blonde shampoo – I have a feeling that it doesn’t clean my hair properly, I do not hate it but if I use it I prefer clean my  hair with some other shampoo first and after I use this one.

10. Veet -Spray On Hair Removal Cream – Legs & Body – Sensitive Skin – just doesn’t work as good as I expected.

I just came back from unplanned get away .. We spend all day at the beach (28 degree at the see shore today) so I am writing this review very quick  (usually I write the text 5 min before publishing ;))) so if you have any question just let me know.

I love getting e-mails from you :*

Jak zwykle piszę tekst do wpisu 5 minut przed jego opublikowaniem (nigdy nie wiem co napisać ;P) … Niespodziewana wycieczka nad morze (28 stopnii dzisiaj) troszkę opóźniła obiecaną recenzję … Myślę, że piszę tak prostym językiem, że tekst jest do zrozumienia … Całusy!





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