first look


I just needed to wear these boots as soon as possible


First day, pale legs (I burned them Today on motorbike), small, jet lagged eyes but with my dancing shoes I was ready for a walk to the city ;) Few pictures from our balcony and living room. Love this place!

I always though that I should not wear black but after looking through my photos from last year when I was preparing summery of all looks of 2015 I am changing my mind. Maybe it is not so bad on me …


T: Zara, Shorts & boots: One Teaspoon, Bag: Anine bing, sunnies: EOE glasses

2Q0B7189 2Q0B7197 2Q0B7225 2Q0B7243 2Q0B7244 2Q0B7245 2Q0B7246 2Q0B7247 2Q0B7257 2Q0B7259 2Q0B7264 2Q0B7273 2Q0B7275 2Q0B7276 2Q0B7277

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