Dreaming about sunset


… In some lovely place …

First half of the day I was reparingΒ my sweater (I am not sure if I am ready to tell what I’ve done – my goofy’ness is a totally new level :P) than I spent some time in the city center to buy some last things before the trip (no new swimsuit but found awesome sweater instrad) and pick up my package.

I wanted to publish more pictures from Paris but time flies and I need to go sleep now … Next time …

Here some of my favorite pieces I take with me. I am really romantic and I imagine myself sitting with my Boo on the cliff in a fine Sunset :))) (Sunrise would be perfect too).


dress:Β ForΒ Love and Lemons from OverMyBody – online fashion store where you can find brands from Australia and USA.

tops:Β Taranko.

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