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I am so happy that I receive so many private e-mails from you and you not only tell me your stories but also ask me for more details about myself so I decided to share some funny things about me

Here we go :)

15. Weird facts:

1. when I am jogging I do not have problems with my strong legs. The only thing actually hurt after running are my hands ;) :p

2. I am not a vegetarian, but I do not like meat.

3. I do not like broth – maybe because my mum make it every single Sunday! ;) (love you mum ;)))

4. I have a defect of vision just on one eye, the other is absolutely perfect ;)))

5. I do not take the painkillers. If my head or something else hurt I prefer try to relax or take a shower/bath or simply sleep.

6. I love Bulldogs… I want to have one since forever… My neighborhave the most beautiful white dog and his name is Malcolm (I really consider kidnap him one day :P)

7. I am the most goofy person on earth, but only when I am in a hurry. I blocked traffic in Brussels twice first time when I lost my shoe in the middle of the avenue riding a bike, second time I lost my basket.

8. 90% of things I buy are from sale, 99% of things I buy on the Internet – I hate shopping, shops are overwhelming.

9. I was hiding my blog for 3 years, only my hubby knew what am I doing in my free time, now it is not possible because more and more companies collaborate with me and publish my pictures on their social media ;) It’s really nice when someone who I know discover my blog and write me a lovely email.
10. I love meeting new people, but I am really shy inside.

11. I do not like eating in restaurants (in 99% I am disappointed) the only place I can eat every single day is Chimera in Krakow – God I love (and miss) this place :((( Can’t wait for Christmas in Poland.

12. My left foot is a bit longer than the right one ;) That’s why I always need to try left shoe :P

13. I do not like to have a lot of things around me, everything need to be clean and hide otherwise I feel anxious – That’s the only reason why I want to kill my hubby and why he wants to kill me ;))))

14. I am the most undecided person on earth.

15. I never cut a watermelon in small pieces (it’s a waste of time), I cut it in two parts and eat inside part with the spoon ;)))

I am wearing:

Levis jeans, Jazzimin top and the hat is from H&M

untitled folder-001

2Q0B1872untitled folder


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