Las Vegas by night


This was my first trip and it was memorable.

It is great place to explore at night with all the glitzy casinos fighting for your attention. If you go to Vegas you can’t avoid the strip. Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Here you’ll find everything, clubs, restaurant, casinos and hotels, luxury boutiques.

It’s essentially Disneyland for adults.

Everything is over the top and crazy. In this way it’s never boring. A bucket list place.

We stayed at Wynn Hotel and it was the best choice ever. So charming, so gorgeous, so beautiful. I didn’t even want to go out. The swimming pool is gorgeous, the hall with beautiful boutiques, the restaurants with delicious food, the garden with beautiful trees, the restaurant with the view of gorgeous waterfall, the cafΓ©s and gorgeous casinos! I am totally in love with this place and I hope we will go back some day … hopefully soon!

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