Everyone smiles in the same language


Ok, I already told you that my weekend in Barcelona started really well in duty free shop  …

… after that it was even better. On the bus from the airport to city center we met nice group of people from Switzerland. It was quite funny because some of them spoke French, some English and Italian so I had a chance to practice my language skills ;) Even though I am really shy when I speak French. They were  enthusiastic and full of energy. We talked about weekend plans. I also had a chance to ask about Switzerland because I’ve never been there. I love meeting new people in new places, especially so open-minded and positives.

The next day we bumped into the same people at the Las Ramblas promenade … It is approximately 1.3 km long, crowded pedestrian area, so it was quite amazing…

 Comparing my child’s memories of Barcelona I can say that monument of Columbus does not seems to be so huge anymore ;)))

We had our hotel in the city center, near to Plaça Catalunya walking distance from the beach and the port you can see at the photos.

I wanted to style this skirt in a totally different way but we planned walking around all day long so I needed to wear something more or less comfortable ;) Under the sweater I had crop top so I could enjoy the sun at the beach …

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