I am officially in the army of lovers


I was waiting for this blouse for ages but it was worth it. It’s really cute and the quality of material is really good. I bought it online on sale from USA so that’s why I was waiting so long for delivery …

They also added tax but well … with the reduced price it is acceptable for my budget ;) Actually I am dreaming about the jacket from the same shop and I bought this blouse just to check if everything will be ok, but the jacket is really expensive and when they will add tax it become even more toooo pricey. I will wait for sale and MAYBE I will buy it later. The problem is that the jacket is for fall ;))

The next think I bought is Lancome taint visionnaire and mascara from dior. After using my chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation I wanted to try something else. I was thinking about it all month because it is quite pricey but if it is come to skin I want to put on only the best product. If it comes to mascara in my opinion diorshow iconic waterproof is the best of the bests for my eyelashes. I am not buying it very often because it is expensive and it dries fairly quickly. But for two months it is perfect! The last think is brush. I am not an expert in make-up but I always wanted to have good quality brush. I finally found the perfect one! Beautifully soft with bamboo and recycled materials. It is perfect for my blush from lancome. I love applying the blush and now it is so easy and it is a real pleasure. What is also important it is earth-friendly tool.

And of course I almost forgot, my souvenir from London. Elle uk edition ;)))

IMG_9617 IMG_9613 IMG_9611


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